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Pocket MapleStory версия: 1.0.7 Жанр: РПГ.При создании персонажа в MapleStory вам не придется выбирать ему профессии, всем новичкам автоматически присваивается специальность “Новичок”, не предполагающая каких бы то ни было умений.

Pocket Morty Quests & Guide - Pocket Morty …Maplestory - reddit. You need to unlock the pocket item slot first. To do so you need to get your charm to level 30 and do a quest. I'm not sure though. Maplestory pocket slot quest 2014 | Safe gambling on the… Casino & Money ► Slots ► Maplestory pocket slot quest 2014.Pocket: You can grind in the Evolution Lab and get the ESS Square. The stats on that are randomized.Submit a New Guide. End-Game Equips Best-in-slot self. Maplestory pocket slot quest | Fantastic Game free&paid Maplestory pocket slot quest. Hello all. I just can't figure it out. Everywhere I go says to talk to theSubmit a New Guide. Once you get to level 30 charm, you will get a quest from a guy forgot name inOccasionally, events will feature an item to unlock the pocket slot for you, though that can be pricy in...

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BasilMarket How do you get the pocket slot? thread LMAO getting charm is not the end to get the pocket slot get to lv30 charm (fame, NX equips, hair change, color change, do PQ) once u reached lv30 in charm, a quest will come to u automatically (either light bulb on head, or check ur left hand side on screen) BasilMarket How do you unlock pocket slot? thread

How To Get Pocket Slots Maplestory. how to get pocket slots maplestory Pocket MapleStory Cheats: Top 11 Tips, Tricks and Hints . 2 years ago No Comments. Similar to the Wizet’s MapleStory, Pocket MapleStory is a mobile MMORPG with a persistent world, cute graphics, lots of quests, action combat and interesting story.

Pocket MapleStory: Tips, Tricks, Cheats Pocket MapleStory: Add Friends Who Play Daily Game Friends will help you to clear hard levels by suggesting simple tricks, you can also requestYou get the chance to battle the Mu Lung Dojo and show your friends who is the boss! You will all be given quest or missions to embark on, from which... End-Game Equips (Best-in-slot) : Maplestory

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[Updated] Maple Leaf High: 4/25 – 5/7. Tuesday, April 25 – Sunday, May 7 ... and Schrodinger has taken over the school and needs your help! Step into this premium mini-dungeon and complete quests to earn Model Student Candy. ... Use this to open up a pocket slot. Not useful to anyone who has already opened up their pocket slot.